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Implementing a cybersecurity questionnaire helps streamline the evaluation of third-party security posture. Cybersecurity questionnaires provide an effective means of assessing vendors from the inside out, evaluating security controls, policies, and procedures. However, the lack of consistency in cybersecurity questionnaires has created inconsistencies in the evaluation and comparison of vendor security. The absence of set standards to guide evaluation questions also leads to varying interpretations and responses from those completing them. Cybersecurity questionnaires are commonly managed in spreadsheets, but they quickly become unwieldy and difficult to navigate when assessing an entire vendor ecosystem.

At myCYPR we refer to this methodology as “better” since it provides more risk insight than OSINT alone while being practical for large vendor networks. Send, complete, validate, and manage vendor questionnaires at scale. Our Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) provides a flexible yet functional cybersecurity questionnaire for better third-party risk intelligence. Read the data sheet to learn how myCYPR’s cybersecurity questionnaire assessment can help standardize vendor questionnaire processes and replace outdated spreadsheets.

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