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myCYPR lets you proactively assess and monitor risk in potential acquisitions and current investments.


Avoid Inherited Risk

Poor security posture is no longer just an IT risk but a major risk to a business’s operations, making cyber risk a focal point in mergers & acquisitions. Protect against sensitive data loss and ensure there are no surprises later.  

myCYPR assesses the security posture of a target to reduce inherited risk and keep sensitive data secure. It identifies incremental risks deeper in the supply chain beyond what’s typically achieved in M&A due diligence.

Reduce Post-Acquisition Loss

The best way to protect your investment is with early insight. Waiting to engage in cyber risk assessments until right before or after a deal has closed leaves organizations unprepared for discoveries that might lead to post-acquisition value loss. Start risk evaluations early in the M&A process to gain the most accurate assessment of the total cost of assets and liabilities.

myCYPR has multiple tiers of assessments and data collection that can accommodate different timelines and risk discovery requirements.

Host Informed Negotiations

While knowledge is power, some companies are unaware of their cyber risk profile. myCYPR goes beyond reporting on a target’s point-in-time faults and helps identify its weaknesses, plan remediations, and improve security posture to facilitate transparent discussions and ensure deals get closed.

“For the level of insight we’re receiving, the pricing structure is highly competitive, and we feel that we’re getting exceptional value for our investment.”

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