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Cybersecurity experts since 2001.

About US

The reporting I received allowed me to communicate the real gaps in our program with the board. This approach allowed for an easily consumed set of metrics that the board understood providing for the budget adjustment we required to manage our cybersecurity risk properly.

Chief Information Officer

National Brand Manufacturer

Since 2001

Managing the Cybersecurity  Breach Epidemic.

Anchor Technologies was founded in 2001 on an idea that all business could achieve a “prevention is possible” posture. We believe no business leader wants to be breached and will do what makes sense for their business to protect it from the bad actor intent on doing it harm.

In the early days of cybersecurity, that was a simpler task and Information Technology was much less sophisticated than it is today. Today the strategy to secure your environment is still based on common sense and generally widely available standardized concepts, however the massive explosion of vendors and “silver bullet” solutions make it a horribly complicated landscape to navigate. Many organizations have tools, but not the comprehensive program to manage risk. These tools are partially implemented and provide only a false sense of security, allowing the bad actor to remain wildly successful. The resulting criminal economy is estimated to be several billion dollars worth of stolen data, assets and compromised systems.

A primary gap in solving the cybersecurity risk management problem is communication between the decision makers and those that are aware of the actual cyber risk present in the organization. The myCYPR cybersecurity ratings platform was created to solve this core problem within your business and the partners which you engage with.

What We Do


We excel at identifying cybersecurity risk and communicating that clearly to business stakeholders.


Risk Ratings

An easy to consume FICO-like cybersecurity risk ratings platform allowing organizations to visualize cybersecurity risk.



Allows for variable selection of risk data appropriate for budget and risk tolerance. Provides flexability in accuracy and cost.


Internal, Third-Party, M&A;  a score for everyone.

Solutions for every organization in every market.