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How We Got Here

See what drives us.


Our History

myCYPR was developed and built by cybersecurity consultants with decades of real-world experience advising and learning from the security professionals we serve. Backed by Anchor Technologies’ 20-year history as experts in breach prevention and cyber risk planning, myCYPR is our solution to bridge the gap between the “too much” and “not enough” that exists in the cyber risk management market today.


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Our Mission

We’ve changed with the cybersecurity industry. We know the threats you face today did not exist ten years ago and are not the same threats you will face tomorrow. We built a platform that can adapt to your business and proactively monitor its cyber landscape for new risks and vulnerabilities.

Symbolizing our commitment.

The Ram is known for its vigilance and protective instincts. It’s always on the lookout for danger, scanning the horizon for potential threats, and will go to great lengths to defend its herd from predators, using its powerful horns to fend off attackers.

Being vigilant and proactive are key to staying safe in the digital world. myCYPR continuously monitors cyber landscapes, looking for new risks and vulnerabilities. We see ourselves as the protectors of our clients’ digital assets, proactively assessing and visualizing risk. We use our expertise and cutting-edge risk intelligence technology to keep our clients safe from third-party data breach and ensure their sensitive information remains secure. The ram is a force to be reckoned. So are we.

Built by

myCYPR is powered by Anchor Technologies, a technology enabled service provider, supporting organizations in a planned, purposeful approach to cybersecurity. In 20 years of service, Anchor has helped hundreds of customers nationally manage cyber risk with its unique real-world approach to cybersecurity and prevention first focus.

Established breach prevention and cyber risk planning experts, Anchor Technologies has a seasoned advisory services team powering the myCYPR platform and assessments.

With experience serving businesses across vertical markets and performing engagements in breach response, penetration testing, and cyber maturity analysis, Anchor Technologies has learned and grown with the cybersecurity market for decades.