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How Do You Know If You Need a Cybersecurity Score?

Having a repeatable and consistent methodology to assess your security posture will allow your organization to improve its capability to prevent a breach. It will also provide a method to measure success and ensure your security budget is most efficiently spent on controls filling a gap in your strategy.

Consistent Repeatable Scoring

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Allows for a recurring assessment of growth and success toward an improved security posture.

Score Based on You, Not Market Indicators.

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The myCYPR methodology is based on data points enumerated within your organization, not external market indicators which could yield false positives. This scoring allows for the most accurate, detailed and complete picture of an organizations security posture.

Simple To Read and Understand

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The myCYPR score reporting has been continiously improved over 18 years and provides a very simple and easy to comprehend report. The ability to make quick and effective remediation decisions is important and provides significant value.


Gain Visibility

Provides detailed visibility into your cyber security posture. Know your risk before an attacker, helping prevent a breach.


Predict Expenses

Offers your organization enhanced packages to operationalize the investment and allow for predictable expenses.


Internal, Third-Party, M&A;  a score for everyone.

Solutions for every organization in every market.