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Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a cyber risk assessment and rating methodology that uses publicly available information to assess the potential cybersecurity risks associated with a particular entity or organization.

By gathering risk data from diverse sources like publicly disclosed breach reports, social media, news articles, blogs, and other open sources, OSINT generates a cyber risk rating for the target. It follows an “outside-in” approach, focusing on assessing an organization’s security posture from an external perspective. In fact, OSINT data collection has become the industry standard for risk scoring in most third-party risk management (TPRM) platforms.

At myCYPR, we recognize the value of this data, even though it may not be as comprehensive as a thorough assessment. OSINT serves as an excellent initial step in evaluating vendors before onboarding, vendor selection, conducting broad evaluations, and verifying vendor compliance.

Our OSINT rating methodology at myCYPR meticulously evaluates numerous sources related to cyber hygiene, news and reputation, and user behavior associated with a specific third-party entity. We ensure continuous monitoring of third-party risk by updating scores on a weekly basis through our OSINT assessment.

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Read the data sheet or request more information to learn more about myCYPR’s OSINT | Auto assessment.

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