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A Boards-Eye
View of Risk

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Board of directors, leadership, and non-technical executives are increasingly taking an active interest in cybersecurity, but there is often a disconnect between CISOs’ technical proposals and board members’ desired business outcomes.

myCYPR doesn’t just give your organization the insight needed to protect your business- it helps bridge the communication gap.


Knowledge Drives You Forward

No one has a crystal ball. But you don’t have to wait to see what happens to make improvements. Many organizations have tools to indicate historical activity of what has happened and what has been exploited, but few have a tool providing a proactive view of what could be exploited. myCYPR provides insight that allows leadership to see what could happen, making it easier to connect cyber risk to tangible business outcomes.

Communicate Effectively

When there’s already a disconnect between CISOs and other leadership, communication must be simple but effective. They don’t care about the details – but they do care that it’s accurate and backed by data. myCYPR’s multiple tiers of assessment ensure you have the most risk insight possible and its digital dashboard can represent risk as a simple overview, or drill down as far as specific vulnerabilities.

Keep Security on the Agenda

When risk standings update in real-time, an accurate representation of risk can be shared in every board meeting. With myCYPR, risk scores change in-real time as remediations are made and vendor scores are collected. Help leadership see where efforts have been most effective and produced best ROI to justify budget. When risk data is always up-to-date and readily available, security stays a priority from the top down.

“As a Chief Information Security Officer, it is essential to ensure that the executives, investors, and board members understand the risks we face and how we are addressing them. myCYPR has helped delivered a clear and comprehensive view of our vendor risk, so now we can quickly provide the necessary information to stakeholders without having to spend days preparing reports or presentations.”

Chief Information Security OfficerPrivate Equity Firm

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