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Welcome to the new era of Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

One platform. Enhanced third-party risk insight. Integrated first-party risk management. myCYPR is built for complete risk visibility.


Third-Party Cyber Risk Management isn’t one size fits all.


We do more than mass produce third-party risk scores.

You need more from a risk management platform and we’re leading the way. As the only platform managing third-party risk with multiple assessments and integrated first party views, myCYPR is built to adapt to your business and vendors so you can manage your total risk profile in one place.

With deeper risk insight and a variety of practical uses for identifying your total risk exposure, myCYPR is the most comprehensive solution available for TPCRM.

We’re Forging a New Era in TPCRM.

Here's How

Assess More

Effective Third-Party Risk Management doesn’t look the same for every organization. myCYPR gives you a choice in how you vet your vendors with multiple options for assessing and scoring each third-party in your network.

Bridge the Gap

Comprehensive security assessments have proved too much to manage complex vendor networks, while OSINT-based solutions aren’t enough to manage an organization’s total risk profile. myCYPR bridges the gap with options to accommodate everything in between.

Risk Insight for All

Having a tool to manage third parties but conducting separate assessments for internal security posture furthers the gap in insight. How do you see the direct influence your vendors security has on your own risk posture? myCYPR bridges the gap with multiple risk assessment options to accommodate everything in between.

Reduce the Chaos

Eliminate chaotic spreadsheets, lengthy paper reports, and multiple management tools for good. myCYPR presents detailed risk data in a digital dashboard, with multi-party views of risk analysis, organizing all results and remediation plans in one place.

Set Standards

Requests for self-assessment questionnaires are endless, with few similarities between each assessment and no standard for providing response. myCYPR’s standardized SAQ is easy to share between first and third parties, aligning all to a common standard of evaluation.

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Risk Management

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You’re only as secure as your weakest link. Protect yourself from third-party data breaches with deeper insight into your total cyber risk exposure. Ensure your vendors are secure by choosing more than mass-produced risk scores.