Make Risk Manageable.

myCYPR is the only risk management solution that offers a flexible choice of data, giving you the best insight to your risk posture. We offer more data, so you can be confident your risk is managed.


The Platform

myCYPR for Risk Management

An interactive platform for risk management, myCYPR is the most comprehensive solution for risk management in the industry. Where other tools only utilize open-source intelligence, the myCYPR platform offers a choice of three data sets for risk scoring, increasing accuracy and confidence. The tool automates risk management processes, providing continuous risk monitoring.

Comprehensive Security Ratings 

Our risk ratings are based on an average of 10K data points per score, from 47 monitored risk vectors. Build the score that works for you using open-source intelligence, or choose from a guided Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) or in-depth Next Generation Security Assessment.

Customizable Risk Management

Risk management is not a one size fits all concept. myCYPR offers flexible tiers of data so you can customize your risk management program to best serve your business. Build a risk management program that meets your budgetary and risk requirements for accurate scorings and complete visibility into your risk standing. 

Continuous Prevention

A prevention-based solution, myCYPR provides you the insight to stop a breach before it happens. Continuous first- and third-party risk monitoring ensure you have the insight you need to stay ahead of the next breach.

One Tool. Total Risk Management.

Solve Industry Shortcomings

The current standard for cybersecurity risk ratings industry is scoring based on open-source intelligence. But finding the right insight amongst vast arrays of publicly available data can be difficult and time consuming. myCYPR surpasses the industry standard for risk ratings. We offer a flexible choice of data, giving you the insight you need to be confident your risk is managed.

Comprehensive Benefits 

One dashboard with multiple views provides total risk management. Whether you’re looking for first or third-party risk management, compliance management, or more complete visibility into your organization’s security posture, you can do it all with myCYPR. Customize a comprehensive risk management program that best serves your organization.

Operational Maturity

Gain repeatable and sustainable visibility into your organization’s cybersecurity posture and maturity.



Third-party Risk Management

Measure and monitor third-party risk posture and see how their risk ratings effect you own in real-time.


Merger & Acquisition

Managing risk has become a focal point in mergers & acquisitions. Ensure there are no surprises later with accurate risk insight.



Governance, Risk & COmpliance

Continuously monitor adherence to core cybersecurity standards like NIST and CIS to detect compliance gaps.


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Our Mission

Prevention Is Possible.

myCYPR is powered by Anchor Technologies and was founded on a core belief that “prevention is possible” for all businesses. We’ve built a comprehensive solution to risk management that provides CISOs, IT leaders, and security teams across industries with real-time, interactive insight to risk management so that you can stop a breach before it happens.

“The myCYPR score was a simple and easy way to explain our current state of security to my leadership”

Chief Information Officer

Law Firm


What People Are Saying

“We update our score every year and it allows me to show specific progress toward our cyber goals and how we are making the best use of our security budget.”

IT Director

Non-Profit Trade Association

“This has worked well to measure our vendors for a realistic perspective on how mature their security program is. It has allowed us a higher level of confidence that our data will remain secured.”

Chief Information Officer

National Manufacturer

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