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Show Off

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Manage and improve internal risk with myCYPR so you can show-off your security posture to customers, partners, or investors.


See How Your Vendors Impact Your Security Posture


To truly understand the scope of risk facing your organization, you need to see how your vendors’ security posture affects your own. See your full vendor network and security posture and scores for each to gain a comprehensive understanding of the total vendor risk impacting your business.

But we didn’t stop there. With myCYPR, your own score updates accordingly as vendor assessments and remediations are completed, letting you see their impact on your security posture in real-time. See which vendors are impacting your posture the most and prioritize implementing controls that are weak across your vendor network.


of companies would terminate a vendor contract over a major data breach.


of small and mid-sized businesses that experience a cyberattack go out of business within six months.


The average cost of lost business due to a data breach was $1.6 million USD.

Build More Business

Most organizations today require prospective partners, vendors, and suppliers to prove they satisfy specific security controls before starting business. Don’t lose deals to poor security posture. myCYPR’s options for internal risk assessment helps your organization show prospective partners your organization has the proper security processes and procedures in place.

Not quite there yet? We thought about that, too. myCYPR lets you record plans of action to show awareness of issues and intent of remediation. You can also upload evidence if you have a compensating control in place. Security isn’t always perfect. Awareness and transparency can go a long way in establishing trust.

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