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myCYPR is the industry’s most comprehensive tool for risk management. 


Every organization has a unique profile, risk management needs and budget. The myCYPR solution is a flexible cyber risk management platform meeting your unique requirements. Build your cyber risk program by selecting the modules appropriate for you.

Build your program and establish your myCYPR score. Select one module which is appropriate for you or create a custom program mixing data modules to match budget, risk profiles or for multiple third party vendors.

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Customize Your Program

Multiple Tiers of Data Improves the Accuracy of Risk Scoring

myCYPR offers multiple tiers of data collection based on your organization’s unique budget & risk management needs. Other solutions only use open-source intelligence for data collection and security scores. While valuable, open-source intelligence alone does not capture the full scope of risk facing an organization. 






myCYPR OPSEC | Assess

The Data

One Tool for Total Risk Management

myCYPR allows you to customize the risk management program that works best for you. Choose the data that matches your budget and risk requirements and align your vendors to the same standard of security. Each tier of data collection can be completed for a principal Organization or their vendors. 

OSINT | Auto

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This method of data collection produces a score similar to other risk rating solutions in the industry and offers an inexpensive and quick view into possible indicators of risk . Data scored is publically available and is valuable for scoring organizations that have a low risk profile or do not contain sensitive data. Data and scores automatically update weekly. 

Scores for 1st, 3rd, and 4th party vendors.


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The myCYPR Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) gathers specific, current-state information from the target organization. The questionnaire focuses on 25 key areas of cybersecurity posture from several common standards, including the NIST Cybercesurity Framework and the Center for Internet Security’s Twenty Critical Security Controls.

Responses are standardized but flexible with options to acknowledge risk, note plans for remediation, and provide evidence. Responses can be assigned to up to 3 participants for validation and improved accuracy.

OPSEC | Assess

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The most in-depth myCYPR risk score identifies risk through detailed gap analysis mappings to the NIST and CIS frameworks and security assessments, including:  Internal Vulnerability Assessment, Eexternal Vulnerability Assessment, Operational Maturity Assessment Application Risk Assessment

Detailed remediation recommendations are provided. myCYPR security consultants collect and review evidence for increased accuracy. This in-depth insight of risk standing provides significant value to organizations. 

Use Cases

Do It All with myCYPR

Make the best decisions for your business using one tool. Whether you’re looking for third-party risk management, compliance management, or more complete visibility into your organization’s security posture, you can do it all with myCYPR. Customize a comprehensive risk management program that best serves your organization.

Third-Party Risk Management

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Measure and monitor third-party risk posture and see how their risk ratings effect you own in real-time. Validate vendors before onboarding and ensure their risk tolerance aligns with your business for the duration of your relationship.

Operational Maturity

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Gain repeatable and sustainable visibility into your organization’s cybersecurity posture and maturity. When cybersecurity practices are mature, your organization is better equipped to prevent threats before they become breaches.

Merger & Acquisition

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Managing risk has become a focal point in mergers & acquisitions. Get the real picture of current cyber maturity at your organization to ensure there are no surprises later. myCYPR allows for examinations of a degree of incremental risk that may otherwise be overlooked. Identify a wider range of risks deeper in the supply chain than is typically achieved in M&A due diligence.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

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Continuously monitor adherence to core cybersecurity standards like NIST and CIS to detect compliance gaps. Gain insight to first- and third-party compliance and report compliance posture to leadership and shareholders with data-driven findings.

Build Your Risk Management Program

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