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myCYPR provides detailed reporting mixed with a modern web-based dashboard to help organizations manage their cybersecurity posture and mitigate risk. Organizations can seamlessly manage internal risk, as well as the risk associated with their third-party vendors so that all parties may better understand their cybersecurity posture and how it affects their business relationships.

Why myCYPR?


Fair and accurate cybersecurity scoring for you and your third-party vendors.

Understanding the current state of your organization’s cyber readiness is an important element of your overall strategy towards mitigating the risk of a cyber attack. The myCYPR platform provides visibility with data specific to your actual operations. Through detailed engagement with your organization, myCYPR gathers data directly to determine the current state of your organization’s cybersecurity.

OPSEC | Assess

The most detailed and accurate data set available. Involves a high level of interaction with our cybersecurity consultants and the collection of thousands of detailed data points related to technical vulnerabilities, operational maturity, and application risk.


The middle tier data set gathers data from all data collected in the OSINT | Auto plus adds in a Self-Assessment Questionairre relating to the principal organization’s operational maturity. Accuracy improves due to increased interaction with the principal organization while keeping costs down. 

OSINT | Auto

This basic data set provides a high-level indicator of risk based on historical open source intelligence available on the Internet. This data is less reliable but is collected via an automated process which keeps costs to a minimum.

Our Mission

The myCYPR score was created 18 years ago as a simple method of measuring and communicating organizational cybersecurity posture. Our mission is to provide organizations of all industries with a clear and simple understanding of their cyber risk and a roadmap to remediate their weaknesses. Cybersecurity risk management is not a one-size fits all concept and we won’t settle for one-size fits all risk scores.

Operational Maturity

Gain repeatable and sustainable visibility into your organization’s cybersecurity posture and maturity.

Merger & Acquisition

Understand a real and truly accurate picture of the current cyber maturity of your organization ensuring there are no surprises later.

Third-Party Validation

The myCYPR score can be used to support improved and validated cybersecurity posture for your vendors. 

This platform has worked to measure our vendors for a realistic perspective on how mature their security program is. It has given us a higher level of confidence that our data will remain secured and exceeded our expectations.

Chief Information Officer, National Manufacturer

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