myCYPR vs. Competitors

myCYPR’s features are the most inclusive in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)


In today’s business environment, managing cyber risk is a top priority for organizations. The risk presented by third parties has continued to escalate despite the emerging solutions of the past five years, with 51% of organizations having experienced a data breach caused by a third party. Current solutions have failed to effectively solve the problem.

myCYPR addresses the limitations in third-party risk management by providing a comprehensive solution to risk management. While other risk management solutions offer competitive features as add-ons or through partner integrations, myCYPR provides complete risk management in one tool.


myCYPR is a complete solution to risk management, adding in-depth security assessments into data collection and risk scoring. Most other solutions on the market focus on open sourced intelligence as basis for data collection and security scores, which, while valuable, does not capture the full scope of risk facing an organization. 

myCYPR also allows organizations to track remediation of vulnerabilities in real-time through an online dashboard that includes views for the principal organization and their vendors. GRC capabilities and controls alignment are also included with the solution- no integrations or add-ons necessary.

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